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Midshipman being commissioned into the United States Navy and becoming an Ensign

Both NROTC and Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets offer outstanding scholarship opportunities. A NROTC scholarship can cover up to full tuition and fees, uniforms, books, and an additional monthly allowance.

NROTC National 4-Year Scholarship

Midshipmen that are awarded the National 4-Year Scholarship received numerous benefits. The Midshipman will receive full tuition, a textbook stipend, and a monthly subsistence stipend. All incoming Freshmen Midshipmen will have to complete Naval Indocritnation School (NSI). Over Summer Breaks Midshipmen are afforded numerous training opportunities, known as Summer Cruise, with the various Warfare Communities within the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps. Upon Graduation, all Midshipmen will receive a Commission into either the United States Navy or the United States Marine Corps.

NROTC 3-Year & 2-Year Scholarships

Midshipmen who have not received the National 4-Year Scholarship have the opportunity to apply for both the 3-Year and the 2-Year Sideload Scholarships. Midshipmen can begin applying for the Sideload Scholarships after completing at least one semester of classes. Midshipmen can continue to apply for Sideload Scholarships up to the end of their Sophomore Year. Midshipmen that receive a 3-Year or 2-Year Sideload Scholarship will receive the same benefits as Midshipmen that have received the National 4-Year Scholarship and be afforded the same Summer Training opportunities.

Advanced Standing

Advanced Standing is available to all Midshipmen that have not received a Scholarship. Midshipmen can receive Advanced Standing status through endorsement from the NROTC Commanding Officer and are selected by Naval Service Training Command (NSTC). Selection and Endorsement are based on Competitive Standing (i.e. Academics, Physical Fitness, and Leadership) within the NROTC Unit. Midshipmen may receive Advanced Standing Status prior to their Junior year and will receive the same benefits as Scholarship Midshipmen.