About the Center

Civil War history lives at Virginia Tech. From its home in Virginia Tech’s History Department, the Virginia Center for Civil War Studies promotes greater understanding of the Civil War era among academics and the public. Whether you’re a student or a professional historian, a serious history buff or someone who just likes to learn, we have something to offer you.

The Center is part of Virginia Tech’s history department, housed in Major Williams Hall.

Our scholarship and fellowship programs are shaping the future of Civil War history, attracting talented MA students, postdoctoral fellows, and researchers to Virginia Tech. The center also sponsors international conferences on cutting-edge themes such as citizenship and postwar reconciliation.

We bring the best of Civil War history to public audiences in Blacksburg and beyond. The popular Civil War Film Series screens movies old and new, providing opportunities to discuss their historical contexts with expert speakers. Our annual Civil War Weekend attracts alumni and other history lovers to Blacksburg to hear from some of the best Civil War speakers around. And lectures throughout the year explore Civil War history in its many dimensions, from military history to the war’s international impact, from women’s experiences during the war to the lasting legacies of Reconstruction. Please visit our Events page to learn more about events like these or subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates on upcoming events straight to your email.

The center is also bringing Civil War history into the digital age. Online projects include the Essential Civil War Curriculum, a free encyclopedia of all things Civil War; a crowdsourced digital archive revealing the many ways nineteenth-century Americans celebrated the Fourth of July; and Civil War Sources, a guide to the many collections of digitized primary sources available online.

At the interface of academic and public history, the Virginia Center for Civil War Studies is dedicated to fostering creative new conversations about America’s defining conflict.