Erasmus Lecture Series

On Thursday, February 17 at 11:00 am, Professor Dimitris N. Chryssochoou presented "The European Union: Present and Future" as part of the CEUTTS Erasmus Lecture Series.    This talk addressed the questions: How do we define the present-day European Union? What does it mean and, crucially, take for the EU's diverse but codetermined parts to combine into a ‘politeia’? And how do we assess the present state of integration, and project an image of the whole for the visible future?

 Prof. Yannis Stivachtis, director of CEUTTSS, delivered opening remarks followed by an Introduction from Dr. Dimitris Tsarouhas, Visiting Associate Professor of Political Science.  To conclude, Q&A was moderated by Dr. Georgeta Pourchot, CEUTTSS Associate Director of Strategic Partnerships and Initiatives.