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Image indicates that courses in International Studies, Political Science, History, Religion and Culture, Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures, Philosophy, Sociology and Management contribute to the European Studies major
Take courses on European topics in a variety of disciplines. European Engagement is an experiential learning minor that includes Field Study and Study Abroad components.

Sample Recent Courses:

ASPT/RLCL 5124 Religion and Modernity in the West

FR 5344 Writing in the Franco-World

HIST/ASPT 5414 European Modernities in the Twentieth Century

PSCI 5214 Contemporary Political Theory

PSCI 5414 Industrial Democracies

PSCI 6114 Critical Geopolitics

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Research and Theses coming soon!

Consider living in community at Mozaiko! Scholarships available.
Flag of the European Union: With the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union
CEUTTSS is a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence funded by the European Union