Publisher City Lights Publishers
ISBN 978-0872867581
Release Date 2018-04-17
Author Carmen Giménez Smith
Summary Cruel Futures, the fifth collection from Latinx feminista Carmen Giménez Smith, is a witchy confessional and wildly imagistic volume that examines subjects as divergent as Alzheimer’s, Medusa, mumblecore, and mental illness in sharp-witted, taut poems dense with song. Chronicling life on an endangered planet, in a country on the precipice of profound change compelled by a media machine that produces our realities, the book is a high-energy analysis of popular culture, as well as an exploration of the many social roles that women occupy as mother, daughter, lover, and the resulting struggle to maintain personhood — all in a late capitalist America. Giménez Smith deploys humor while depicting the quotidian and its function as sacrament.