Carol Mullen, a professor in the School of Education, edited the two-volume set titled Handbook of Social Justice Interventions in Education, Springer International Handbooks of Education (Cham, Switzerland: Springer, 2021).

Mullen’s individual contributions were “Preface,” “Introduction to the Collection,” and “Pedagogies for Decolonizing Education in Theory and Practice,” pp. vii–viii, 1–8, and 11–37; and “Theorizing about Identity Politics in Education and School Leadership” with Kim C. Robertson, pp. 133–59.

In addition, she coauthored the following chapters with School of Education alumnae: “Principals’ Responsibility for Helping Impoverished Students Succeed in Rural Appalachia” with Emily Boyles, pp. 227–53; “Teacher Strategies Used to Achieve Desired Outcomes for Students with Emotional Disability” with Turonne Hunt, pp. 897–928; “Access and Barriers to STEM Education for K–12 Students with Disabilities and Females” with Cindy Klimaitis, pp. 813–36; “Providing Equitable Services to Students with Special Needs through Collaboration: An Evaluation of Relationships” with Bethany Mazurek, pp. 465–97; “Preserving Black Education Legacy and Influence through Oral Histories of Southern Segregated Schools” with Star Norton, pp. 865–96; “Bringing Problem-Based Learning to Elementary Schools to Benefit Children’s Readiness for a Global World” with Samantha Reed and Emily Boyles, pp. 837–64; “Outcomes of First-Generation African American Postsecondary Students Who Completed Early College Access Programming” with Angelica Witcher, pp. 1193–1219; “Professional Development for Teaching Students in Poverty and Impacting Teacher Beliefs” with Barbara Wickham, pp. 255–81; and “Factors that Affect the Performance of Refugee Students in Public Schools: An Illustration from Virginia, USA” with Katina Otey and School of Education faculty members Jodie Brinkmann and Carol Cash, pp. 351–72.