Roger Ekirch, University Distinguished Professor of History, published La grande transformation du sommiel: Comment la révolution industrielle a bouleversé nos nuits (The Great Transformation of Sleep: How the Industrial Revolution Changed Our Nights), trans. Jérôme Vidal (Paris, France: Éditions Amsterdam, 2021).

The volume includes two previously published articles by Ekirch: “The Modernization of Western Sleep: Or, Does Insomnia Have a History?” in Past & Present 226 (February 2015): 149–92; and “Sleep We Have Lost: Pre-industrial Slumber in the British Isles,”American Historical Review 106.2 (April 2001): 343–87.

In addition, Ekirch contributed to “History of Sleep: A Controversy,” Journal of Sleep Research 30.1 (February 2021) with a response to Dr. Gerrit Verhoeven as well as a second response.