The following ASPECT doctoral students gave presentations at the annual ASPECT Conference: Samuel Beckenhauer, “Simulating the Public Sphere: On Conspiracy Discourse in Information Society”; Allie Briggs, “The ‘Creative Functions of Difference’: A Model for Liberatory Work Toward a ‘Concrete Alternative’ to ‘Negative Peace’”; Jay Burkette, “The Function of Faith: Theological Constituents in Processual Utopian Methodology”; Reed Byg, “Food Security or Food Sovereignty? Blurring the Boundaries between Rural and Urban in the Rust Belt”; Linea Cutter, “Binge-Restrict-Repeat: From Food to Eating Regimes”; Aline de Souza, “The Performance Harp Mantra as a Therapeutic Practice in the Context of Contemporary Music Performances and Social Change”; Jordan Fallon, “Culinary Man: Mapping Solidarities, Subjectivities, and ‘Nasty Bits’”; Rob Flahive, “Maintaining the Structure of Settler Colonialism: Remaking the Past through Local Preservation Practices in Casablanca and Tel Aviv”; Hannah Glasson, “The Politics of Emergent Life: Profitable Circulations, Security Logics, and an Alternative Politics of Relational Difference”; Robert Hodges, “An Islamic World Society: A Contributor or Contestant of the International Society”; June Ann Jones, “Anarchist Agrarianism: An Off-the-Grid Country Home for Skeptics of the State”; Luther McPherson, “The Discourse of National Security Strategies: Institutionalized Identities and Ontological Security”; Sarah Plummer, “Puppet Circus: Depicting the Dispossessed”; Shaun Respess, “Patterns of Disconnection and Discontent”; Patrick Salmons, “Home Is Where My Heart Is: An Examination of the ‘Martinsville Seven’”; Shah Shajahan, “The Difference Beyond Heterogeneity: An Anthropological Challenge of Subaltern Studies”; Katy Shepard, “Reframing Artists within Academia towards Social Justice Ends”; Molly Todd, “Bordering and Borderlands: Mapping Scenarios of Discovery in the Americas”; Sara Wenger, “On Aliens and Hominids: Gender, Sex, and Desire in Black Speculative Fiction”; Zachariah Wheeler, “An Inconvenient Coalition: Class, Climate, and Party Factionalism”; and Şengül Yıldız-Alanbay, “Dance as Critical Praxis: Choreography, Body, Movement, and Affect.”

The conference took place virtually on April 23.