Six ASPECT students presented research at the International Studies Associate – Northeast Region Annual Conference: Caroline Alphin, “Cyborg Neoliberalism: Biohacking and the Quantified-Self as Instrumentalized Self-Cultivation”; Linea Cutter, “Sugar-Coating Corporate Power: Neoliberal Fitness and the Subjugation of the Female Body”; Rob Flahive, “Reorienting the ‘Modernist Gaze’ and Reimagining Colonial Infrastructure in Casablanca”; Mario Khreiche, “Open Source and Social Control: Microsoft’s Acquisition of GitHub”; Leigh McKagen, “Narrating Empire: Reflections on the Political Theory of the Present Moment”; and Shelby Ward, “The Temporality of Colonial Spaces: Mapping the Dynamic Forms of Coloniality in Urbanization Projects in Colombo.”

The conference was held November 2–3 in Baltimore, Maryland.