VT Stories, an oral history initiative supported by the Offices of the President and Provost, formally launched for the public on November 12. Katrina Powell, the director of the Center for Rhetoric in Society, is the Principal Investigator and David Cline, an associate professor in the Department of History, and Quinn Warnick, TLOS, are the co-PIs. The project had its origins in classes and research projects initiated by Warnick and Cline and together with Special Collections in Newman Library.

The goal of VT Stories is to use “the power of storytelling to really get at what it means to be a Hokie, and for allowing our community to have a better sense of its own history.”  In addition to Powell, Cline, and Warnick, the team includes the following students from the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences:  Tarryn Abrahams, a doctoral student in Science and Technology Studies; Ellen Boggs, a master’s student in History; Ren Harman, a doctoral candidate in the School of Education, who serves as the project manager; Jessie Rogers, a junior majoring in Literature and Language; and Ashley Stant, a senior majoring in Professional and Technical Writing.