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Amy E. Allen

Amy Allen, Assistant Professor, Elementary Education

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Amy Allen, Assistant Professor, Elementary Education

School of Education
1750 Kraft Drive
Room 2017 (0302)
Blacksburg, VA 24061
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Amy Allen is an Assistant Professor of Social Studies in the Elementary Education Program. Throughout her time teaching at the elementary level, Amy focused on engaging young students in complex and thoughtful dialogue and integrating social studies concepts throughout all subject areas. These experiences served as a catalyst for many of her teaching and research interests which broadly include elementary social studies, place based learning, and inservice teacher professional development. In writing about elementary social studies, her research focuses primarily on the ability of young students to participate in classroom discussions. She is also interested in researching various ways teachers integrate children’s books about social studies topics into the time and space devoted to language arts, using them as an avenue to enter into discussion and dialogue about issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice that are often neglected in the elementary classroom.

  • Elementary social studies
  • Discussion-based teaching strategies
  • Place-based learning
  • In-service teacher professional development
  • Ph.D., Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum, Emphasis in Social Studies Education, University of Oklahoma
  • M.S., Education Technology, University of Central Missouri
  • B.E.Ed., Elementary Education, University of Central Missouri
  • Board of Directors, Social Science Education Consortium
  • Director of Educational Development, The Academy
  • Instructor, University of Oklahoma
  • Information Age Publishing, Young Scholar Award, 2019
  • University of Oklahoma, William B. Ragan Memorial Scholarship, 2019
  • Oxford Teacher Seminar, Exceptional Teacher Fellowship, 2019
  • Social Science Education Consortium, Young Scholar Award, 2019
  • University of Oklahoma, Kern and Ruth Chastaine Johnson Scholarship, 2018
  • University of Oklahoma, Sooner Heritage Scholarship, 2018
  • Social Science Education Consortium, Young Scholar Award, 2018
  • University of Oklahoma Center for the History of Liberty, Visions of America Grant, 2017


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