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Department of Philosophy Faculty

Name Areas of Research  Position  Office Email
Mercedes Corredor Social and Political Phil., Moral Phil., Feminist Phil.   Assistant Professor 220 Major Williams
Gil Hersch Social and Political Phil., Phil. of Social Science, Applied Ethics, PPE Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies
213 Major Williams; 820 Univ. City Blvd
Daniel Hoek Phil. of Language, Decision Theory, Epistemology, Phil. of Mathematics Assistant Professor
217 Major Williams
Justin Horn Metaethics, Ethical Theory Collegiate Associate Professor
233 Major Williams
Benjamin Jantzen Phil. of Biology, Phil. of Physics, Phil. of Science, Logic of Discovery Associate Professor
226 Major Williams
James Klagge Moral Phil., Metaphysics, Wittgenstein
Professor 241 Major Williams
Douglas Lind Phil. of Law, Pragmatism Professor 229 Major Williams
Gregory M. Novack Phil. of Science Collegiate Assistant Professor

227 Major Williams
Wendy Parker Phil. of Science, Phil. of Climate Science / Meteorology   Professor 237 Major Williams
Lydia Patton Phil. of Science, History of Phil. of Science, History of Phil. 

219 Major Williams

Rohan Sud

Metaphysics, Phil. of Language, Metaethics Assistant Professor 223 Major Williams
Zach Thornton Metaphysics Visiting Assistant Professor    
Kelly Trogdon Metaphysics, Phil. of Mind Associate Professor & Department Chair 229B Major Williams
Hannah Wildman Short Global Ethics, Bioethics Advanced Instructor & Director of Undergradaute Studies 231 Major Williams
Philip Yaure Social and Political Phil., Phil. of Race, Early Modern Phil. 
Assistant Professor 
224 Major Williams
Name Position Office Email
Ashley Shew Associate Professor Faculty Affiliate (STS)
116 Lane Hall
Fabian Wendt Assistant Professor Faculty Affiliate (PPE) 820 University City Blvd
Qui Zhu Associate Professor Faculty Affiliate (Engineering Education) 365 Goodwin Hall