Dan Tamul

Dan Tamul

Assistant Professor


146 Shanks Hall
181 Turner St. NW 
Blacksburg, VA 24061




Department Membership



  • Narrative Persuasion
  • Journalism
  • Survey Methods
  • Fact-checking
  • Social Stigma

Professional Activities

  • International Initiatives Committee
  • AEJMC, Communication Theory and Methodology Division
  • Union for Democratic Communications


  • Ph.D. Mass Communications, The Pennsylvania State University
  • M.A. Media Studies, Syracuse University
  • B.A. Communication, Berry College

Research Interests

    Research Interests: Narrative persuasion, Formal features of storytelling, Fact-checking, Scale Development

    Awards and Honors

    Top Faculty Paper, Communication and Technology Division, International Communication Association, Washington, DC, May 2019: Virtual reality check: Statistical power, reported results, and the validity of research on the psychology of virtual reality and immersive environments.

    Moeller Student Competition Award, Mass Communication & Society Division, Denver, CO, 2010: Online political involvement and connectivity expectations toward presidential candidates.

    Top-three paper award, Entertainment Studies Interest Group, Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, Boston, MA, 2009: Do “sad” people like “sad” entertainment: Meaningfulness as a mediator of affective predictors of entertainment choice and desired affective responses.

    Top-four faculty paper award, Communication and Technology Division, International Communication Association, Chicago, IL, 2008: It’s not who you know, but who you add: Exploring self-disclosure and friending on Facebook.

    Selected Publications


    Lanier, M., Waddell, F., Tamul, D., Ivory, J., Elson, M., & Przybylski, A. (Accepted). Much ado about immersion: Power, reported results, and the validity of the psychology of virtual reality and immersive simulations. Computers in Human Behavior.

    Martínez-Carrillo, N.I., & Tamul, D.J. (Accepted). Fact-checking the 2018 Mexican elections: An examination of Verificado 2018’s social media presence. International Journal of Communication.

    Tamul, D. J., & Martínez-Carrillo, N. I. (2018). Ample sample? An examination of the representativeness of themes between sampling durations generated from keyword searches for 12 months of immigration news from LexisNexis and newspaper websites. Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly (95)1, 96-121.

     Limperos, A. M., Tamul, D. J., Woolley, J. K., Spinda, J. S. W., & Sundar, S. (2014). “It’s not who you know, but who you add:” An investigation into the differential impact of friend adding and self-disclosure on interpersonal perceptions on Facebook. Computers in Human Behavior (35), 496-505.

    Sundar, S. S., Tamul, D. J., & Wu, M. (2013). Capturing “cool”: Measures for assessing coolness of interfaces. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (72)2, 169-180.

    Oliver, M.B., Dillard, J.P., Bae, K. & Tamul, D. J. (2012). The effect of narrative news format on empathy for stigmatized groups. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 89(2), 205-224.

    Additional Information

    Dr. Tamul’s research focuses on the formal affordances of journalistic storytelling and how news narratives can function as agents of social change as examined through a narrative persuasion framework. As an extension of this work, he also works to refine and develop methods for measuring or studying news-related phenomena or concepts.