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Chinese Studies Minor

What is a Minor in Chinese Studies?

Learning Mandarin Chinese provides students with many scholastic and professional opportunities. A large portion of the world's population speaks Chinese as their primary language and China is an important presence in the global economy.


What You'll Study

China has the second largest economy in the world and is one of the largest trading partners with the United States. Having a command of the Chinese language gives you valuable skills for a global market.

China has one of the world's oldest cultures. It is one of the most populated nations on earth. Mandarin Chinese is spoken in many Asian countries, and is the mother tongue to many languages. Chinese civilization has a rich heritage of novels, stories, poems, drama, and, film. Being able to study these in the language in which they were written helps you connect with the Chinese culture more fully.

At Virginia Tech, you will study the Mandarin Chinese language, composition, literature, and culture. Courses include the Arts of China and Japan, and Governments and Politics of Asia.

18 hrs
Total Credit Hours


Beyond the Classroom

Experiential Learning

What's the best way to practice Mandarin Chinese?

Talk with native speakers. Since Mandarin Chinese is a highly sought-after critical language, there are increasing opportunities for funding that would allow you to study the language in an immersive environment in China.

Get Involved 

A number of Chinese Studies student clubs provide you with an array of opportunities for friendship and linguistic and cultural immersion. They organize a variety of educational and fun cultural events, including Chinese conversation tables, lectures, films, and artistic performances. 


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