2020 Commencement Celebration

Department of History 

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Virtual Commencement Ceremony of the Department of History

Bachelor of Arts in History

Alden Theresa Anthony, Cum Laude 
Alicia Marie Aucoin, Cum Laude 
Thomas Michael Bassford   
Ivan Warrick Biesecker   
Derek Robert Boshonek   
Cameron Rose Brown, Magna Cum Laude 
Conner James Brown   
Hannah Nicole Brown   
Nicholas Tiaba Brown  
Elysia Adjoa Budu   
Katharine Grace Cox, Magna Cum Laude, Honors Scholar, Co-op
Megan Leona Delaney, Cum Laude 
Nicholas Joseph Deutsch   
Chapin Noel Dinsmore   
Zachary Lee DuBose   
Hannah Louise Dunfee   
James Alex Gabbert  
Todd Jordan Gibson   
Chase Jordan Gosney   
Heather Cathleen Hartzell   
Seth Tucker Hendrickson   
Robert Anthony Hetrick, Cum Laude 
Helen Noble Hickman, Cum Laude 
Joseph Chase Jackson   
Claire Ann Ko, Magna Cum Laude 
Montana Marie Koslowski, Cum Laude 
Aidan McDaniel Kuester, Magna Cum Laude 
Savannah Alexis Lawhorne, Cum Laude 
Michael Li   
Alex Routledge Lochner   
Noah Spenser Lowe, Summa Cum Laude 
Sean Patrick Maloney   
Kathryn Holly McGowan   
Kayla Ann Mizelle, Cum Laude 
Robert Ford Morrison, Magna Cum Laude 
Matthew John Mullin   
Anderson Walter Peake, Summa Cum Laude 
Joy Kathryn Pierce, Summa Cum Laude 
Jason Steven Pixley   
Frank Verkley Powell   
Paisleigh Whitten Price   
Hunter William Prim  
Nicholas Geronimo Schaeffer   
Lee A. Schwabenton   
Brianna Catherine Sclafani, Magna Cum Laude 
Madison Laura Sheehan, Magna Cum Laude 
Jamison Luke Silinsky   
Connor John Skelly, Magna Cum Laude 
Oliver Graham Smeeton   
Trenton Ryan Spilman   
William Joseph Swiacki  
Alyssa Dawn Thompson, Cum Laude 
Hannah May Wiersberg, Cum Laude 
Michael Aaron Winters, Cum Laude 

Master of Arts in History

Tyler A. Balli
John Robert Legg
Emily Marie Stewart
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Congratulations from the Dean

Awards and Honors

Connor John Skelly, “VPI in WWII”

Advisors: Trudy Harrington Becker, E. Thomas Ewing, and Daniel Newcombe

Chapin Noel Dinsmore, Chase Jordan Gosney, Savannah Alexis Lawhorne, Joy Kathryn Pierce Peer (Mentor), and Hunter William Prim for  “African American Fourth of July” HIST 1004

Instructor: Brett Shadle

Elysia Adjoa Budu, “Unpopular Opinion: The Pro-Segregation of African American Soldiers During World War II”

Advisor: Edward Gitre

Elysia Adjoa Budu, “Unpopular Opinion: The Pro-Segregation of African American Soldiers During World War II”

Advisor: Edward Gitre

Heath Furrow, “We Can Do Very Little with Them’: British Discourse and British Policy on Shi’is in Iraq”

Nominator: Carmen Gitre

Tyler Balli, for his leadership of the Virginia Tech Undergraduate Historical Review

Nominator: Heather Gumbert

John Legg, for his contributions to the American Civil War Museum — Appomattox

Nominator: Paul Quigley

Congratulations from our faculty members!

Mark Barrow
Laura Belmonte
Dan Thorp

University Ceremony

Virtual Ceremony
Watch HokieBird reveals, tassel turns, and inspirational messages from Hoda Kotb and Nikki Giovanni.

Reading of Undergraduate Names
The names of undergraduates can be heard in the Department of History video.

Reading of Graduate Student Names
The names of all master’s degree recipients can be heard on the Graduate School page.

A Note on Dual Majors
Students with more than one major may hear their names read in the video of their primary major’s department.

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