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2020 Commencement Celebration

School of Education 

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Congratulations from the Dean of College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences

Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education


Karen Denise Raymond

Dissertation: “Compassion in Professional Counseling: A Delphi Study”

Committee Co-Chairs: Nancy Bodenhorn and L. B. Farmer

Jonathan David Wiley

Dissertation: “An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Counselor Education Doctoral Students’ Teaching Preparation Experiences”

Committee Chair: Laura Welfare

Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction


Ghader M A S B Alemtairy

Dissertation: “Instructional Considerations to Promote Technology Integration Skills and Knowledge Transfer from Instructional Technology Courses at Kuwait University into Classroom Teaching: A Design and Development Study”

Committee Chair: Ken Potter

Wejdan Ahmed Almunive

Dissertation: “The Design and Development of Guidelines for Interactive Course Organizers”

Committee Chair: Barbara B. Lockee

Amy Joan Arnold

Dissertation: “Constructing Guidelines for Practicing Professionals Teaching Continuing Professional Development in Online Environments”

Committee Chair: Barbara B. Lockee

Le Chen

Dissertation: “Identifying Job Types and Required Competencies for Instructional Technologist: A Text Mining and Content Analysis”

Committee Co-Chairs: Barbara B. Lockee and Ken Potter

Jeeyoung Chun

Dissertation: “A Model of Peer Learning Incorporating Scaffolding Strategies”

Committee Chair: Katherine S. Cennamo

James Carroll Hill

Dissertation: “Dialogic Pedagogy and Reading Comprehension: Examining the Effect of Dialogic Support on Reading Comprehension for Adolescents”

Committee Chair: Trevor T. Stewart

Michelle Davis Klopfer

Dissertation: “Academic Profiles of Science Students: An Analysis of Longitudinal Data on Virginia Students”

Committee Chair: John Wells

Rachelle Elizabeth Kuehl

Dissertation: “Fourth-Grade Narrative Fiction Writing: Using Content Analysis to Examine the Intersection of Place, High Ability, and Creativity”

Committee Chair: Amy Price Azano

Tiffany Jo LaCroix

Dissertation: “Resolving Apparent Inconsistencies in the Belief Systems of High School Geometry Teachers”

Committee Chair: Catherine Ulrich

Kizito K. Mukuni

Dissertation: “Developing Guidelines for Teaching Procedural Skills Using Video”

Committee Chair: Barbara B. Lockee

Sara Brooke Mullins

Dissertation: “Examining the Relationship Between Students’ Measurement Schemes for Fractions and Their Quantifications of Angularity”

Committee Chair: Jesse L. Wilkins

Kasey Lee Richardson

Dissertation: “Sexuality Education and the Learning Context: A Study in Curriculum and Community”

Committee Co-Chairs: Susan G. Magliaro and Brett D. Jones

Carmalita Trotman

Dissertation: “Creation of a Support Tool for the Needs Assessment Process: A Design and Development Study”

Committee Chair: Barbara B. Lockee

Jocelyn Washburn

Dissertation: “Adolescents with Limited Reading Proficiency: Teaching Literacy Skills for Content Learning, the Relationship Between Oral Reading Fluency and Reading Comprehension, and a Multiple Probe Study of a Word Level Intervention”

Committee Chair: Bonnie S. Billingsley

Doctor of Education in Educational Research and Evaluation


Lauren Michelle Hatfield

Dissertation: “A Qualitative Investigation of Undergraduate Students’ Experiences of Helicopter Parenting”

Committee Chair: Serge F. Hein

Doctor of Education in Higher Education


Karen Jean Gilbert

Dissertation: “Leader Perceptions of Campus Community Partnerships in a Community College Setting”

Committee Chair: Claire K. Robbins

Chelsea Haines Lyles

Dissertation: “The Relationship Between Responsibility Center Management, Faculty Composition, and Faculty Salaries”

Committee Chair: D. B. Knight

Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction


Diane Louise Belcher

Dissertation: “Factors Inhibiting Completion of a Program of Study at a West Virginia Community and Technical College”

Committee Chair: William Price, Jr.

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies


Luke Elliott Boone

Dissertation: “Perceptions of the Supports and Professional Development for and Needed by Novice School Administrators in Southwestern Virginia”

Committee Chair: M. David Alexander

Emily Tolley Boyles

Dissertation: “Principals’ Role in Fostering School-Family Partnerships: Improving the Achievement of Students Living in Poverty within Rural Appalachia”

Committee Chair: Carol A. Mullen

Angela Nicole Byrd-Wright

Dissertation: “How Culturally Responsive Leaders and Teachers Influence the Mathematics Performance of High School and Middle School African American Students in One Urban Virginia School Division”

Committee Co-Chairs: Carol S. Cash and Ted S. Price

Tracy Ann Cioppa

Dissertation: “Teachers’ Perceptions of Principal Classroom Observational Feedback and Its Impact on Instructional Practices”

Committee Chair: Carol S. Cash

Michael Nathan Dunbar

Dissertation: “Identifying Critical Incidents that Affect the Sustainment of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports in Schools with Five Years or More of Implementation Through the Lens of Diffusion of Innovation in One School Division “

Committee Co-Chairs: Carol S. Cash and Ted S. Price

Shameka Nicole Gerald

Dissertation: “Measuring Principal Technology Leadership and Behaviors: A Quantitative Study”

Committee Co-Chairs: Carol S. Cash and Ted S. Price

Sonji Chavez Hairston

Dissertation: “Perceptions of School Leaders Regarding the Effectiveness of Their Principal Preparation Program”

Committee Chair: Carol S. Cash

Priscilla Lafond Hicks

Dissertation: “Challenges Elementary Public School Teachers Face When Teaching Military-Connected Students”

Committee Chair: Carol S. Cash

Douglas Wayne Lyle

Dissertation: “Investigating the Virginia Preschool Initiative’s Role in Preparing Students for Kindergarten”

Committee Chair: Carol A. Mullen

Bethany Christine Mazurek

Dissertation: “Evaluating Collaborative Relationships Between K–12 Public and Private Day Schools in Virginia”

Committee Chair: Carol A. Mullen

Amielia S. Mitchell

Dissertation: “Social Justice Leadership Practices of National ESEA Distinguished Principals”

Committee Chair: William J. Glenn

Samantha S. Reed

Dissertation: “Problem-based Learning Strategies that Contributed to Elementary Students’ Skills Development and Profile of a Virginia Graduate’s Expectations”

Committee Chair: Carol A. Mullen

Elizabeth Szydlo Rowden

Dissertation: “Response to Intervention: A Case Study Documenting One School’s Successful Implementation”

Committee Chair: William J. Glenn

Sherri Teresa Sherrod-Wilson

Dissertation: “Principal’s Perceptions of the Implementation of Interventions and Strategies to Reduce Chronic Absenteeism”

Committee Chairs: Carol S. Cash and Ted S. Price

Lee Brantley Shields

Dissertation: “Teacher Resilience in Central Virginia: How Veteran Teachers Become Resilient”

Committee Chair: Carol A. Mullen

Courtney Adele Van der Linden

Dissertation: “An Historical Analysis of Fiscal Equity in the Commonwealth of Virginia: 2004–2018”

Committee Chair: Carol S. Cash

Barbara Martin Wickham

Dissertation: “Designing Effective Professional Development for Teaching Students in Poverty: Impact on Teacher Beliefs and Classroom Practice”

Committee Chair: Carol A. Mullen

Clifton C. Williams

Dissertation: “A National Study of the Association of Christian School International Schools Head of School Leadership Characteristics”

Committee Chair: Carol S. Cash

Education Specialist in Curriculum and Instruction


Rachelle Elizabeth Kuehl

Education Specialist in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

  • Candice Jennifer Bowler
  • Brenda Alida Bush
  • Christopher Charles Carey
  • Julissa Josefina Diaz
  • Brent Philip Fleisher
  • June Marie Jarquin-Tokosh
  • Olivia Catherine McCraw
  • April Marie Schnipper
  • Brittney Ryan Simmons
  • Katelyn Elizabeth Touhey
  • Hillary Ola Trebels
  • Christina J. Willis

Master of Arts in Education — Counselor Education

  • Kelsey Brooke Altizer
  • Carolina I. Castedo
  • Emma Cameron Cohen
  • Samantha Nicole Conlin
  • Caitlin M. Dallas
  • Jordan Nicole Deacon
  • Paul Michael Delaughter
  • Samantha Renee Drewry
  • Chyanna Marie Jones
  • Woori Kwon
  • Dana Katherine Lyon
  • Emily McKenna Neal
  • Darian Elizabeth Phillips
  • Hope Ann Smith
  • Natalie Rene Stansfield
  • Alexsis Briana Thompson
  • Heather-Marie Rocio Tiffany
  • Kaitlin Elizabeth Vose
  • Bailey Hobson Wilburn
  • Julianna Christine Williams

Master of Arts in Education — Curriculum and Instruction

  • Ryan Ray Adams
  • Lucas Blake Allen
  • Jewel L. Altimus
  • Jessie Elizabeth Ambrosio
  • Hannah Abigail Ange
  • Christiana Appiah
  • Steven William Arnold
  • Radvile Autukaite
  • Allisand Elizabeth Axline-Barrow
  • Matthew John Babineau
  • Alexandra Elizabeth Balog
  • Jamie Caitlin Bell
  • Haley Alanah Blevins
  • Clare Sydney Braford
  • Brittany Star Clark
  • Sarah Diane Compher
  • Molly Suzanne Cronk
  • Emilyne Kurtis Danielson
  • Mary Michaela Desmond
  • Duncan Patrick Elston
  • Emily Rose Fisher
  • Kimberly Dawn Fisher
  • Anna May Flach
  • Sarah Nichole Fowler
  • Caroline Grace Freeman
  • Gregory William Gentry
  • Alyssa Paige Gilman
  • Jordan Elizabeth Grinde
  • Alayna Cherie Hampton
  • Sierra Soleil Hepner
  • Helen Wymard Hinders
  • Britton Tyler Hipple
  • Jesse Wayne Hughes
  • Ethan D. Kantz
  • Dana Nicole Kelly
  • Loraina Kai Langston
  • Keely Lynn Ledford
  • Connor Aiden Lee
  • Lauren Elizabeth Logan
  • Allison Jannette Magnant
  • Jacklyn Marie McGuinness
  • William John Miller
  • Laura Elizabeth Moniuszko
  • Joshua Donnelly Morrison
  • Anne Kelly Newman
  • Leah Renee Perdue
  • Lydia Katherine Petraglia
  • Annalisa Kathleen Pitman
  • Molly Ruth Powers
  • Dalton Elliott Ragland
  • Dustin C. Randel
  • Joseph Castagna Re
  • Emily Elizabeth Rizzetta
  • Makayla Marie Rony
  • Leah Rose Schwartz
  • Emily Lynn Staskin
  • Mary Catherine Stegall
  • Katherine Ann Stenzel
  • Ella Eliza Swartz
  • Sarah Ann Ulrich
  • Meredith Grace Vaile
  • Connor Andrew Wade
  • Jamie Sophia Wieder
  • Katherine Anne Wilde
  • Emily Ann Williams
  • Emily Noel Wright
  • Amanda Marie Young
  • Ye Zang

Master of Arts in Education — Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

  • Stacey Michele Barnett
  • Scott Barycki
  • Brittany S. Gillen
  • Catherine Elaine Kelly
  • Catherine Brame Richards
  • James Lyndon Thomas

Master of Arts in Education — Higher Education and Student Affairs

  • Tiarra Sharay Chambliss
  • Allyson Joyce Clement
  • Kaylynn Rose Hill
  • Leah Brionda Joseph
  • Breanna Nicole Lancaster
  • Joshua Wanlop Leidy
  • Margaret Anne Rudd
  • Gabriele N. Singh
  • Parth N. Thakkar
  • Nneka C. Walson
  • Anya Mclellan Work

Master of Science in Education — Career and Technical Education

  • Emily Briana Cassell
  • Daniella Faith Hodges
  • Mikayla Hope MacNeill
  • Katelyn Ann Murphy
  • Sarah Elizabeth Preston
  • Heather Renee Shinn
  • Jessica Grace Spencer
  • Emily Marie Williams

Congratulations from our faculty members!

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