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Degree Options

We give you choices. You can specialize your sociology major with a degree option: 

Social Inequality Option

The Social Inequality option examines the interactions of class, status, and power in society. Your courses will compare social stratification across cultures, races, and genders using theories and empirical research findings. And you'll study class differences in behavior, values, and social mobility.

Social Research Methods Option

This option prepares you for career in sociological research, teaching data collection and analysis techniques that are used in the social sciences. You'll learn survey research methods, including questionnaire construction, sampling, and collecting an analyzing survey data. You also have the option to choose from different topics in sociological research and design your own research through projects or independent study.

Africana Studies Option

The Africana Studies option teaches you to critically assess cultural forces, structural systems, and historical conditions that have affected the economic, legal, psychological, educational, social, and moral statuses of people of African descent.

American Indian Studies Option

The American Indian Studies option studies the cultures of indigenous Americans in a contemporary global context. Courses cover American Indian literature, spirituality, arts, and legal issues.

Women's and Gender Studies Option

The Women's and Gender Studies program at Virginia Tech examines the ways race, class, and sexuality shape our society. You'll study feminist theory and women's issues in religion, science, and the developing world.