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RED 1624
Residential Design Presentation

Principles of visual presentation of residential designs, including floor plans, elevations and section drawings, perspective and paraline drawings, furniture plans, and schedules. Kitchen and Bath industry graphic standards. Introduction to hand and computer drafting. Design Lab/Studio 

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 2234
Housing Textiles

Identification of structural elements of housing textiles: natural and manufactured fibers; yarns; woven and other fabrics; finishes; and colorants and their applications. Influence of textile structure on serviceability properties of housing textiles. Exploration of sustainable textiles and related labeling as well as housing textile products and safety and health. Selection of textiles for application such as upholstered furniture, window treatment, and carpeting and rugs. Pre: sophomore standing.

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 2304
Family Financial Management

Overview of family financial management. Analysis of financial situations of individuals and families; assessment of needs for cash and credit management, insurance, tax savings, and investments; introduction to components of a comprehensive family financial plan.

  • 3 Credit Hours
RED 2604
Residential Design

Analysis of residential spaces to meet the needs of residents. Interrelationship of residential spaces, site, and community, including climate, historic tradition, culture and impact on diversity. House construction systems and finish materials. Current and future trends in design, construction and marketing of housing for diverse households. Impact of codes and regulations on residential design and construction. Professional and labor force issues in the housing industry, interpreting residential floor plans, elevations, detail drawings. 

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 2614
Introduction to Residential Technologies

Principles underlying the selection, use and care of equipment and lighting in the home and the infrastructure that supports home technologies.

  • 2 Credit Hours
AHRM 2634
Residential Technologies Laboratory

Basic principles of home technologies and their applications in the home. Co: 2614

  • 1 Credit Hours
AHRM 2644
Housing and the Consumer

Overview of housing as it relates to consumer needs, values, lifestyles, norms and constraints. Includes structural and tenure alternatives, financial and legal considerations, house design, neighborhood choices, the home buying process, and future directions in housing. Government aspects focus on the history of federal involvement in housing, major housing programs, role of state and local government, and current housing issues and policies.

  • 3 Credit Hours
RED 2654
Residential Environments

Application of elements and principles of design in residential spaces and products from diverse cultural perspectives. Examination of human behavior theories that impact the design of residential environments. Development of residential design solutions and processes using computer aided design software. Design Lab/Studio. Pre: AHRM 1014 

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 2664
Introduction to Residentail Property Management

The history of property management, roles and responsibilities of managers, developing effective marketing and maintenance strategies, fair housing, and landlord-tenant law. 

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 3624
House Planning II

Principles of space planning, including activity analysis and user needs, as applied to residential settings. Graphic design solutions for specific areas of the home, including social, private, kitchen, and outdoor areas. Pre: 2604, 2634, 2654

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 3644
American Housing

Overview of the role of housing in family life and society throughout the history of the United States. Exploration of the impact of technology, resources, and societal values on the design and style of housing and products used in the home. 

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 3674
Advanced Residential Technologies

Residential technologies, such as lighting, communications, and security systems, their impact on home activities, and how they can be successfully integrated into the house structure and design. Pre: 2614

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 3954
Study Abroad

The Housing and Property Management Study Abroad course is offered every other year (2016; 2018) to learn about multifamily housing and its management, current and historic residential design, kitchen and bath product design, new ideas in housing technologies, and energy and environmental issues impact on housing and communities. Countries visited include Germany, France, and Czech Republic

  • Variable Credit Hours
AHRM 4604
Housing: Energy and the Environment

A study of the development and management of sustainable housing, emphasizing energy and environmental resource efficiency. 

  • 3 Credit Hours
  • Honors Option Available
AHRM 4624
Advanced Kitchen and Bath Design

Planning, design, and evaluation of residential kitchens and bathrooms, in relation to the total house plan. Emphasis on planning principles and technical requirements with attention to functional use of the spaces to meet the needs of people. Pre: 3624, 3674

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 4654
Advanced Topics in House Planning

Advanced topics in house planning, particularly kitchen and bath design, with emphasis on independent work of portfolio quality. Pre: 4624

  • 3 Credit Hours
AHRM 4664
Universal Design

Evaluation and design of commercial and residential environments with consideration for accessibility, adaptation, safety, and support of the user(s). 

  • 2 Credit Hours
AHRM 4764
Universal Design Lab

Design of residential spaces that meet the needs of a range of users, including older adults and people with disabilities. Principles of universal design are applied to the spatial requirements and product selection for the home. Pre: 3624. Co: 4664

  • 1 Credit Hours
AHRM 4924
Housing Study Tour

A study tour designed to examine the housing industry and trends in design, technology, products and processes. Junior standing required.

  • Variable Credit Hours
AHRM 4964
Field Study

Internship in the housing industry; a kitchen and/or bath internship is required to be eligible for the NKBA certification exam for Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer.

  • Variable Credit Hours
AHRM 4994
Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research is an individual research project carried out under faculty supervision. The student defines the research topic, proposes a methodology, carries out the research, and writes a report or completes a creative project/design.

  • Variable Credit Hours
  • Honors Option Available