We offer you options.

Fascinated by politics and government of all kinds? The general option allows exploration of the broad political science discipline as it sharpens your analytical, communication, and evaluative skills, the foundations for numerous career options. If  law may be in your future, the legal studies option helps you explore law in the U.S. and around the world, examining what lawyers and judges do and  strengthening the analytical, logical reasoning, and writing skills helpful for law and many other careers. If you have a keen interest in current and future threats to individual, national, and global security, the national security option assists in probing those concerns and helps prepare you for careers in the military, law enforcement, intelligence, and analysis. If you want to make sense of tough questions of law, justice, freedom, and equality, you may find answers in the political theory option as you study political philosophy from ancient to more contemporary times and consider possible applications to today.

General Option

The general option encourages students to take courses in all of the subfields of political science, including political theory, comparative politics and government, U.S. politics and government, international relations, and research methods. Students learn to describe, analyze, and evaluate governments, public policies, and political processes, systems, and behaviors, locally, nationally and globally. Those choosing this option pursue careers in government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, business, education, law, policy analysis, and electoral politics. 

Legal Studies Option

In the Legal Studies option, students explore values, ideas, and reasoning linked to public law, its design, and its impact, preparing them for law school, graduate work in public policy, and a range of endeavors in and outside of government.  The option is not intended to be a pre-law program, although students hoping to attend law school may well benefit from taking this option.

National Security Option

The National Security Studies option permits systematic exploration and analysis of potential security threats in the U.S. and around the world. It helps prepare students for careers in the military, intelligence agencies, the diplomatic corps, law enforcement, and security analysis. Students can take courses in counterterrorism, military strategy, international conflict management, and intelligence analysis.

Political Theory Option

Students electing the political theory option probe the ideas of political thinkers through the ages and apply lessons to questions of contemporary policy, justice, and law.  The premium on careful reading, thoughtful analysis, clear and cogent writing, and developing explicit ties to contemporary concerns prepares students for many careers in the public, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors.