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IS 2054/GEOG 2054/PSCI 2054
Introduction to World Politics

Introduction to the prevalent methods and theories in the study of world politics. Topics include: historical context of contemporary world politics, global actors and power relations, conflict and conflict resolution, international law, and contemporary global issues 

  • 3 Credit Hours
IS 3624/PSCI 3624
Foreign Policy and Diplomacy

Focuses on actors, issues, and processes pertaining to foreign policy formulation and implementation. Examines theoretical and historical perspectives on foreign policy analysis. Investigates the national security, foreign policy, and diplomacy nexus. Discusses type of diplomacy and diplomatic methods. Pre: 2054 or PSCI 2054 or GEOG 2054.

  • 3 Credit Hours
IS 3954
Study Abroad
  • Variable Credit Hours
IS 4034/PSCI 4034
Topics in Diplomacy Lab

Examines the fundamentals of policy analysis and formulation and emphasizes research and writing on topics pertaining to diplomacy, security, and foreign policy. Focuses on policy analysis and evaluation and concentrates on policy design. Emphasizes preparation and presentation of policy reports. May be taken three times for credit with different policy topics. Pre: Junior standing. 

  • 3 Credit Hours
IS 4735, 4736/PSCI 4735, 4736
Multilateral Diplomacy Workshop

Investigates the purpose, context, and process of multilateral diplomacy and focuses on the strategies and tactics associated with it. Examines format and products of multilateral conferences, decision-making process, negotiations, mediation, delegation management, and conference management.  Utilizes case studies and simulations.

IS 4735: focuses on multilateral diplomacy at the United Nations

IS 4736: focuses on multilateral diplomacy in the framework of regional international organizations

Pre: IS 2054 or PSCI 2054 or GEOG 2054 for IS 4735; IS 2054 or PSCI 2054 or GEOG 2054 for IS 4736 

  • 3 Credit Hours
IS 4744/PSCI 4744
Intelligence Analysis Workshop

Examines the impact of historical experience and bureaucratic structures on intelligence analysis. Discusses the contents of the intelligence agenda and explores issues pertaining to intelligence analysis. Focuses on the intelligence process and offers a target-centric approach to intelligence analysis. Emphasizes and evaluates the use of structured analytic techniques in intelligence analysis. Pre: 2054 or PSCI 2054 or GEOG 2054. 

  • 3 Credit Hours
IS 4754
  • Variable Credit Hours
IS 4964
Field Study

Pass/Fail only

  • Variable Credit Hours
IS 4994
Undergraduate Research
  • Variable Credit Hours
  • Honors Option Available