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SOC 1004
Introductory Sociology

Social bases of human behavior, including an introduction to basic theories, research methods, social institutions, complex organizations, and human groups. Social and social psychological antecedents for politics, family, work, science, education, and religion. 

  • 3 Credit Hours
AINS 1104
Introduction to American Indian Studies

Introduces students to the richness and complexity of American Indian societies past and present. The course begins by considering the critical question of what it means to be "American Indian" or "Native American," comparing externally produced stereotypes with a wide variety of indigenous discourses and narratives. Through a special focus on specific indigenous groups and regions, the course examines American Indian experiences with and reactions to colonial confrontations, government policies, and cultural interchanges with non-Indians.

  • 3 Credit Hours
AFST 1714
Introduction to African American Studies

Introduction to the interdisciplinary field of Africana Studies. Organized around central themes and forces that have shaped and been shaped by the life experience of people of African descent.

  • 3 Credit Hours
WGS 1824
Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

This interdisciplinary introduction to Women's and Gender Studies examines interrelations between men and women as social groups in the contexts of race, class and other systems of inequality. It places special focus on the diverse experiences of women and feminist struggles for social change.

  • 3 Credit Hours
PSVP 2044/SOC 2044
Peace and Violence

Introduces major theories of peace and violence. Explores the root cause of interpersonal, institutional, and structural violence. Particular attention to conflict management, prevention strategies, and the promotion of peace at the local, national, and global levels.

  • 3 Credit Hours
SOC 3004
Social Inequality

Class, status, and power in society. Theories and empirical research findings on vertical and horizontal stratification in society. Class differences in behavior, values, and avenues and extent of social mobility. Cross cultural comparisons. Pre: 1004.

  • 3 Credit Hours
SOC 3104
Sociological Theory

Focus on the development and contemporary state of sociological theory. Primary concern is with those theorists who have had significant impact on our thinking about the relationships among man, society, and nature. Pre: 1004.

  • 3 Credit Hours
SOC 3204
Social Research Methods

Techniques of data collection and analysis employed in the social sciences with emphasis on survey research methods including questionnaire construction, sampling, and analysis of both self-collected and national data; logic behind application of these techniques. Pre: 1004.

  • 3 Credit Hours
CRIM 3414/SOC 3414

Principles of criminology and contemporary theories of criminal behavior, focusing on the extent and distribution of crime in the United States. Pre: SOC 1004.

  • 3 Credit Hours
CRIM 3434
Systems of Justice

Analyzes the systems of justice in the United States, from a sociological perspective. Focuses on law enforcement, courts, and corrections. Evaluates the effectiveness of social policies related to systems of justice. Explores the structural, community, and individual level factors that influence different stages of justice systems. Pre: 3414 or SOC 3414.

  • 3 Credit Hours
CRIM 3474
Women and Crime

Focuses on women as victims and perpetrators of crime, with particular attention to race and class. Analyzes how social, cultural, and economic factors influence victimization and participation in crime. Includes adolescent girls' involvement with crime, including juvenile gangs. Evaluates theoretical explanations of why women commit crime. Examines women's experiences with the criminal justice system. Pre: 3414 or SOC 3414.

  • 3 Credit Hours
STAT 3604
Statistics for the Social Sciences

Statistical methods for nominal, ordinal, and interval levels of measurement. Topics include descriptive statistics, elements of probability, discrete and continuous distributions, one and two sample tests, measures of association. Emphasis on comparison of methods and interpretations at different measurement levels. Pre: MATH 1015.

  • 3 Credit Hours
CRIM 4194
Senior Seminar

Required seminar for majors. Integration and application of prior coursework, including reviews of theory and research methods. Application of sociological knowledge toward an actual needs assessment in a work setting, completion of a social policy analysis, and a written critique of a sociological publication. Course serves as a bridge to graduate study, prepares students for application of sociological knowledge, and provides overall career guidance. Senior standing and sociology majors only. Pre: 3104, 3204.

  • 3 Credit Hours
SOC 4404
Sociology of Law

The functions of law as a form of social control. The social forces in the creation, enforcement, and change of the law. The nature of law as a force in social change. Taught alternate years. Pre: 1004.

  • 3 Credit Hours
SOC 4414
Drugs and Society

Examines the use of drugs, including legal and illegal drugs, from a sociological perspective. Cross-cultural and historical patterns of use are discussed and explained. Particular attention is given to drug use within the context of various social institutions. Junior standing. Pre: 1004.

  • 3 Credit Hours
CRIM 4424/SOC 4424
Juvenile Delinquency

Examination of juvenile delinquency. Includes methods of data collection and the extent and distribution of delinquency. Detailed coverage of theories of delinquent behavior. Examines the juvenile justice system and treatment and prevention of delinquency. Utilizes current empirical research on delinquency in the U.S. and internationally. Pre: SOC 3414 or CRIM 3414. 

  • 3 Credit Hours
CRIM 4434/SOC 4434
Advanced Topics in Criminology

A variable topics course that focuses on topics related to criminology. In-depth examination of topics such as the death penalty, racial profiling, terrorism, white collar crime, law enforcement, international gangs, political crime, the prison system, cyber crime, and rape. No limit on the number of times taken if different topics. Pre: SOC 3414 or CRIM 3414.

  • 3 Credit Hours
SOC 4444/PSVP 4444
Schools, Violence, and Justice

Focuses on the nature, extent, causes, and consequences of widely recognized forms of violence within schools, such as bullying, fighting, sexual assaults, harassment, dating violence, and shootings. Examines the effectiveness of violence prevention programs. Includes sociological theories of violence within schools. Explores the social debate over balancing the collective public safety obligations of schools with individual students' rights/responsibilities. Pre: 3414.

  • 3 Credit Hours
CRIM 4754

Variable credit course.

CRIM 4974
Independent Study

Variable credit course.

CRIM 4994
Undergraduate Research

Variable credit course.