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COMM 1004
First-Semester Experience in Communication

Introduction to areas of research, ethical behaviors, and career paths in the discipline. Consideration of strategies for learning, accessing advising, and locating resources.

  • 1 Credit Hours
COMM 1014
Introduction to Communication

Survey of the communication discipline across areas of specialization from interpersonal to mediated and mass communication, including history and fundamental concepts, theories, contexts. Emphasis on ethical human behavior and message analysis. 

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 1015-1016
Communication Skills I and II

Introduction to oral and written communication. 1015: Focus on oral and written communication in interpersonal, small group, and public contexts, including intercultural communication. Special emphasis on the writing process, audience, listening, conflict resolution, critical analysis, and communication in digital and visual media. 1016: Continued study in oral and written communication skills for small group and public contexts. Focus on practical applications in ethical research and information gathering, audience analysis and adaptation, message development, and oral, written, and visual presentations by individuals and groups. May not receive credit for both 1016 and 2004. Pre: 1015 for 1016. 

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 1114
Introduction to Media Production Technology

Introduction to basic technologies necessary for multimedia production. Attention to aesthetics and technical aspects of production technologies, including  creation, editing, and organization of content.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 2004
Public Speaking

Strategies and practice for speaking to specific audiences. Ethical considerations for message preparation, development, presentation, and evaluation. Pre: Sophomore standing. Partially duplicates COMM 1016 

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 2014
Speech Communication

Introductory study of communication messages across various types, including intrapersonal, interpersonal, small group and public. Credit may not be earned for both 1015 and 2014.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 2024
Media Writing

Writing and information gathering skills including news, features, press releases, and advertising copy for broadcast, print, and public relations media. This is a writing intensive (WI) course. Pre: 1014.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 2034
Visual Media

An introduction to the visual image and visual thinking applied to photography, video, and film. Sophomore standing required. Pre: 1014.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 2044
Principles of Public Relations

Principles of public relations practice; public relations in organizations; responsibilities of the public relations practitioner; legal and ethical considerations; role of public relations in society; history of the field and key people who influenced its development; choosing appropriate communication channels/media 

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 2064
The Rhetorical Tradition

Analysis of great classic and contemporary theories of rhetoric developed throughout the world during the past 2,500 years to demonstrate the dynamic, critical nature of persuasive communication. Study of methodological approaches to rhetorical criticism, ethics of message creation, communication contexts, emerging perspectives, and impact of changing culture on rhetorical theory. 

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 2074
Introduction to Sports Media

Development, concepts, and impact of sports media, including roles and responsibilities of journalists, production staff, and public relations professionals. Considerations of stakeholders’ behaviors and connections. Study of ethical standards and perspectives, communication in sports organizations, types of media, issues in context, and data analytics. 

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 2084
Media Institutions

Historical development, current industrial structure, and recent trends of different media institutions including print, film, and electronic media. Emphasis on how economic incentives influence media content and the interconnections between media institutions.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 2104/AIMS 2104/HUM 2104
Oral Traditions and Culture

Examination of the world's great oral traditions, both ancient and contemporary. Emphasis on performance contexts, relationships among multicultural traditions, including American Indian oral traditions, and the relationships among orality, literacy, technology, media, and culture.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 2124
Introduction to Communication Research

Study of approaches to research in the discipline, including identification and analysis of existing research; procedures for conducting and reporting basic research in communication. Pre: 1014, (1016 or ENGL 1106).

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 2964
Field Study

Pass/Fail only. 

  • Variable Credit Hours
COMM 2974
Independent Study
  • Variable Credit Hours
  • Honors Option Available
COMM 2984
Special Study
  • Variable Credit Hours
COMM 3014
Public Relations Cases

Analysis of contemporary and historic public relations cases. Emphasis on theories, research techniques, planning methods, implementation strategies, evaluation standards, and ethical considerations in public relations programs and campaigns. Pre: COMM 2044, COMM 2124 (3H, 3C)


  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 3034/HUM 3034/RLCL 3034
Theories of Popular Culture

Relationship of popular culture to communication; ways to classify, analyze, and evaluate popular culture; history of main themes with emphasis on the United States; cultural evolution of the electronic revolution.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 3044
Oral Communication Center Practicum

Focus on peer pedagogy in a communication center to support development of oral communication competence among students across disciplines. Emphasis on oral communication theory applied to one-on-one support for students' oral presentations. May repeat 1 time. Pre: 1016 or 2004.

  • 1 Credit Hours
COMM 3064

Theoretical foundations of persuasion; techniques of persuasion; contemporary persuasive practice and campaigns; persuasive media strategies. Junior standing required. Pre: 1014.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 3074
Persuasive Public Speaking

Advanced critical analysis, preparation and presentation of persuasive speeches. Study of advanced rhetorical principles with emphasis on policy speeches and the use of proofs to convince, strengthen beliefs, and motivate listeners to overt action. Advanced focus on approaches to research, audience analysis, effective organization, and extemporaneous delivery. Pre: 1016 or 2004.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 3084
Advanced Public Relations Research Methods

Analysis and implementation of contemporary academic and professional research tools for public relations. Emphasis on development of research designs, assessment, and evaluation of public relations programs and campaigns, and implementation of ethical research practices and standards. Pre: COMM 2044, COMM 2124 (3H, 3C)


  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 3114
Video Production: Studio

Producing, directing, and writing live video segments; operating control room and studio equipment including studio camera, video switcher, and audio board; and the creation of video graphics and written packages. Pre: 2034.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 3124
Interpersonal Communication

Basic theories and processes of person-to-person communication; interpersonal perceptionl verbal and nonverbal communication; establishment of relationships in the family and work situation. Junior standing required. 

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 3134
Public Advocacy

Practical reasoning and argumentation about questions of community significance, emphasizing critical thought, rhetorical strategies, and advocacy. Junior standing required. Pre: 20004 or 1016.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 3144
Writing and Editing for Public Relations

Advanced writing and editing used to structure and present information in the practice of public relations. Includes message development, message design for delivery through various media, copyediting skills and tools, and strategies for dissemination. Pre: 2024.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 3154
Multimedia Reporting

Multimedia news gathering, news writing, visual content, and news judgment for print and online media. Pre: 2024, 2034.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 3164
Group Processes and Presentations

Study of group theory and its application to a group project, including team dynamics and leadership, conflict resolution, project management, and team presentationn strategies. Pre 3154.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 3174
Advanced Multimedia Reporting

Multimedia gathering and writing of complex news, features, and documentary; visual content and news judgment for television, print, and online media; techniques of broadcast interviewing. Pre: 3154.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 3204/HUM 3204/RLCL 3204
Multicultural Communication

Exploration of communication in and among various cultural groups through an examination of communicative practices, registers, discourse, and performance.  Emphasis on understanding cultural differences and similarities in the different styles and stances in communication and their meanings to participants. 

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 3214
Professional Communication

Theory and contemporary practice of professional oral communication, including interpersonal interaction, small group problem-solving, and public presentations. Emphasis on ethical exchanges in traditional or virtual workshop settings. Pre: 1016 or 2004.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 3244/PSCI 3244
Political Communication

Distribution of political information; elite-mass communication; alternative models of political communication; communication and telecommunications policy. Pre: PSCI 1014 or PSCI 1024.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 3254/PSCI 3254
Media and Politics

Explores the role of the mass media in contemporary American poitics by examining the development of media as sources of social and political influence. Study of news organizations, their coverage of electoral and issue campaigns, and their impact on candidates and voters. Includes the role of new technologies in campaigns.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 3264
Communicaiton and Gender

Examines how verbal, nonverbal, and visual communication create, sustain, and challenge the meaning of gender and cultural structures nad practices. Junior standing.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 3304
Topics in Sports Communication

Study of the theory and practices related to sports communication in fields such as public relations or reporting. Topics may include print, broadcast, and online news; college sports information; social media; crisis management; and media relations. May be repeated once with different course content. Junior standing. Pre: 1014.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 3314
Sports Journalism

Theory and practice of sports journalism, including strategies for writing and broadcasting sports information. Study of ethics and professional standards. Junior standing required. Pre: COMM 2024, COMM 2034 (3H, 3C)


  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 3324
Corporate Communication

Examines communication theories, strategies, and tactics that corporations use in their public relations efforts to reach and influence publics. Prepares students for “in-house” public relations work and familiarizes them with expectations of corporate clients. Introduces students to the important role communication plays within and between for-profit, nonprofit, and government institutions. Emphasis on the influence of corporate culture, ethics, and values on communication styles. Pre: COMM 2044. (3H, 3C)

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 3334
Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility

Explores role of communication in corporate social responsibility. Emphasis on the ethical implications  of communicating  the need to generate  profits with the need to ensure that  corporate actions do not harm important stakeholders such as employees, investors, customers, and communities.  Pre: COMM 2044. (3H, 3C)


  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 3954
Study Abroad

X-grade allowed.

  • Variable Credit Hours
COMM 3984
Special Study

Variable credit course.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 4014
Media Effects

Impact of mass media on individuals and on society; methods for documentation of media effects; research about effects on various demographic groups such as children, elderly, and minorities; effects of advertising; effects of interactive and time shift technologies. Senior standing required.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 4024
Communication Law

Study freedom of speech and the press; how these freedoms apply to the press, public relaitons, advertising, and personal speech. COnsideration of First Amendment theories and jurisprudence,; and related ethical issues. Senior standing required.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 4034/HUM 4034/RLCL 4034
Functions of Popular Culture

Popular culture as a humanistic discipline; emphasis on archetypes, formulas, and genres; the function of ideas, images, and icons on the popular imagination.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 4044/IS 4044
International Communication

Comparative perspectives on global communication systems; problems with the flow of information; roles of international organizations; mass communication and national development; implications for conflict resolution; selected case studies. Senior standing required. 

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 4074
Organizational Communication

Role of communication in complex organizations; communication networks, communication and management, message systems, decision-making; relationships between organizational theory and communication. Senior standing required.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 4094
Broadcast Management

Broadcast management procedures; programming; sales and advertising. Senior standing required.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 4114

Interpretive and creative photogrpahy applied to journalism; cameras, films, photography techniques; history of photography as communication; advanced darkroom techniques. Junior standing required. Pre: 2034.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 4134
Editorial Writing

Development and function of the editorial page; writing of editorials, reviews, and personal columns; examination of the role of letters and syndicated columns ond cartoons; problems editorial writers face in their jobs and communities. Junior standing required.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 4144
Magazine Writing

The writing of feature material (as opposed to the reporting of hard news), plus detailed examination of several article types from a wide variety of contemporary magazines and newspapers. Junior standing required. Pre: 2024.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 4154
Digital Newsroom

Production of news. Practice of writing news stories, gathering news and visual content, performing for broadcast, and producing content for multiple media platforms. Pre: 3174.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 4164
Public Relations Administration

Public relations (PR) administration issues related to budgeting, strategy, legal issues, and campaigns in an organization. Emphasis on PR theory and ethics.  Pre: COMM 3014. (3H, 3C)


  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 4174
Digital Advocacy Campaigns

Study of advocacy campaigns with digital components. Rhetorical considerations in message construction, analysis of persuasive techniques, ethical standards, and strategies for campaign development. Senior standing required. Pre: COMM 1016 or COMM 2004 and COMM 2124  (3H, 3C)


  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 4204
Communication Internship

Placement in a communication industry for practical internship under supervision by a departmental advisor and a professional in the field. May be repeated for credit up to a maximum of 6 hours credit. Junior standing and consent required. Pass/Fail only. 

  • Variable Credit Hours
COMM 4224
Topics in Media Criticism

Selected topics in media criticism. Offered on demand. Senior standing and consent required.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 4244
Topics in Public Communication

Selected topics in public communication. Offered on demand. Senior standing and consent required. May be repeated with a different topic focus, up to a maximum of 6 credit hours.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 4264
Social Media Theory and Practice

Study of social media as a professional communication and media tool. Emphasis on foundations in communication theory and contemporary approaches. Pre: 2034.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 4274
Broadcasting Performance

Advanced study of on-air performance for broadcasters. Professional behaviors and strategies for developing conversational writing, broadcast style, interviewing, reporting,and anchoring. Pre: 3154.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 4304
Public Relations Campaigns

Public relations campaign research, planning, implementation and evaluation. Emphasis on applying theory in campaign contexts; executing applied research; setting objectives; developing strategic plans, messages, and budgets; carrying out courses of action; and evaluating results. Pre: 2124, 3144, 4054.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 4314
Communication and Issues of Diversity

Study of diversity including issues such as power, race, ethnicity, social class, gender, disability, age, and sexuality as related to communication theory and practice. Senior standing required.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 4324
Issues in Health Communication

Study of issues related to the theory and practice of health communication, including interpersonal, public, organizational, political, and cultural. Senior standing required.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 4334
Communication Ethics

Discussion of issues related to professional communication ethics; emphasis on recognizing ethical issues, applying theoretical models and critical thinking skills to ethical issues in multimedia journalism, public relations, and communication studies. Includes research on topics related to communication ethics. Senior standing required.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 4364
Issue Management in Public Relations

Principles of issue management: creation, development, and resolution; role of rhetoric in public policy processes; legal constraints; strategies; social responsibility. Pre: 2044.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 4374
New Communications Technology

Identify recent trends  in the innovation of new communications technologies; storage, transmission, and display systems of mediated communication: optical disc, common carriers, telecommunication-computer linkages, high-definition TV, and virtual reality; information industries and society; markets for new and existing telecommunication services. Junior or senior standing required. Pre: 2084 or 4014.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 4404
Communication Capstone

In-depth study of a particular issue or theme in communication for majors in communication studies, public relations, or multimedia journalism. Integrates previous work in the discipline, focusing on research and presentation of research. Senior standing required. Pre: COMM major.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 4414
Public Relations Standards and Practices

Addresses complexities of public relations research, planning, implementation, and evaluation required for profesisonal certification. Includes special emphasis on public relations legal and ethical practices. Senior standing required. Pre: 4304.

  • 3 Credit Hours
COMM 4964
Field Study

Pass/Fail only. 

  • Variable Credit Hours
COMM 4974
Independent Study
  • Variable Credit Hours
COMM 4984
Special Study
  • Variable Credit Hours
COMM 4994
Undergraduate Research
  • Variable Credit Hours
  • Honors Option Available