Add knowledge of feminist scholarship to your advanced degree program.

9 Hours of Coursework
2 Research Centers
2:1 Student-to-Faculty ratio
intensive research opportunities
Faculty Research Interests

- 19th Century Bourgeois Women

- Rape in Journalism

- Legal and Scientific Discourses


- Masculinity

- Gender Violence in Motion Pictures

- Age as Intersecting Inequality


- Critical Body Studies

- Science Studies

- Transgender


- Hinduism

- South Asia

- Culture


- South Asia

- Girls’ empowerment

- Language debates


Women's and Gender Studies Research Highlights

King, Neal and Toni Calasanti. 2013. “Men’s aging amidst intersecting relations of inequality.” Sociology Compass 7:699-710.

Labuski, Christine and Colton Keo-Meier.  The (Mis)Measure of Trans.  Transgender Studies Quarterly,2(1): 13-33.

Labuski, Christine. 2013. Vulnerable Vulvas: Female Genital Integrity in Health and Dis-ease. Feminist Studies. 

Samanta, S. "Seeing Kali's City as "Insiders": Religious Diversity, Gender, Class, and Culture as "Textured" Learning for American Students." Practicing Anthropology, Journal of the Society for Applied Anthropology, vol.35 (3): 23-27. (2013)

"The Whole inside the Hole: Recent Telugu Dalit Women’s Revolutionary Life Writing." In New Feminisms in South Asian Film, Literature, and Social Media: Disrupting the Discourse. Ed. Alka Kurian and Sonora Jha. Routledge (October, 2017)

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