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Expand your understanding of STEM education, as you research curricular connections and integrative strategies for teaching and learning STEM concepts

12 Semester Hours
STEM Collaboratory
100 % faculty commitment
Founded in 1946

At Virginia Tech, Integrative STEM Education is operationally defined as "the application of technological/engineering design-based pedagogical approaches to intentionally teach content and practices of science and mathematics education through the content and practices of technology/engineering education. Integrative STEM Education is equally applicable at the natural intersections of learning within the continuum of content areas, educational environments, and academic levels"

(Wells & Ernst, 2012/2015)
Faculty Research Interests

Dynamic intervention means for STEM education students categorized as at-risk of dropping out of school

The cognitive demands addressed through technological and engineering design based teaching and learning

Instructional strategies for design based biotechnology literacy

Integrative pedagogical practices among STEM education areas

Instructional design and technology


K-12 teacher professional development in engineering education

Design and implementation of project-based classroom activities


Methods and design for non-formal and community based education

Engaging girls in STEM fields

Instructional design and teacher professional development for K-12 integrative STEM learning


Related Programs

Learning Sciences and Technology (Graduate Certificate)
Students interested in applying to the Integrative STEM Education (Graduate Certificate) should contact the program director, Dr. Jeremy Ernst, by email at or by phone at 540-231-9193.

Visit our office 317 War Memorial Hall , 370 Drillfield Drive, Blacksburg, VA 24061

Deadlines for non-degree students

Spring: September 1

Fall:  April 1



Jeremy Ernst
Program Leader
115 War Memorial Hall

Sherri Albert
Administrative Assistant
226 War Memorial Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061

School of Education

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Blacksburg, VA 24061