The Women's and Gender Studies program presents students with new ways of thinking about how race, class, and sexuality shape our society and our experiences in it.

Internship Opportunities

Internship Credit

To enroll in WGS 4754 for internship credit

  • Students must select an internship site or project (these can be on or off campus; see below) and contact a WGS faculty member or faculty affiliate who can supervise the internship.
  • Internship guide and application form
  • The students, faculty member, and, if appropriate, on-site supervisor work together to write a description of the internship and the student's responsibilities and fill out the internship application form.
  • Once the application form is completed, the student and faculty member submit it, along with the student's name, identification number, and the number of credits for the internship, to the WGS director, who forwards the information to the SOC Advisor (Brenda Husser).  Only the SOC advising staff can enroll students for WGS internship credit.

Teaching Assistant Interns

Teaching Assistant Interns

  • Students must fill out a special application form that must be approved by the SOC chair in addition to the WGS Director.
  • Generally, faculty will approach qualified students concerning this opportunity.
  • The application form for teaching-assistant internships is available for the SOC Advisor (Brenda Husser); for teaching-assistant interns, this form substitutes for the WGS internship guide and application.
  • As in the regular internship enrollment process, only SOC Internship coordinator can enroll student in WGS 4754 for a teaching-assistant internship.




Affiliated Programs

VT Women's Center

The Women's Center was founded in 1994 to serve the students, faculty, and staff of Virginia Tech. Our mission is to promote a Virginia Tech community that is safe, equitable, and supportive for women and that celebrates their experiences, achievements, and diversity. The Women's Center offers volunteer opportunities for students that can also count as internships for course credit. Contact Penny Cook for more information.

A unit of the Office of the Provost, the Women's Center functions in a number of areas:


  • Individual Services, Counseling, and Advocacy
  • University-wide Advocacy
  • Educational Programming
  • Outreach
  • Violence Against Women Awareness
  • Student Engagement through Volunteerism

Women's Resource Center in Radford

The center offers help to victims of domestic and sexual violence, offers a Court Advocacy Program, and a Community Development Program.

Check out our website for more information on the center and available volunteer opportunities, or contact our volunteer coordinator, 540-639-1123.

Women In Development

The Women in International Development program seeks to ensure a gender-sensitive approach to all Office of International Research, Education, and Development projects, and to raise awareness about gender and development issues at Virginia Tech. For students interested in interning with us, duties include library and web-based research, support for on-campus activities, and research on travel-related information for trips to Office of International Research, Education, and Development project countries and assistance with follow-up. We are located on campus at 536 Prices Fork Road.  For more information, see complete flyer or contact Dr. Maria Elisa Christie.  You can also:

  • Read our Briefing Sheet on Gender and Poverty Reduction for an executive summary of Virginia Tech's 30-plus-year commitment to taking gender issues into account in global poverty reduction.
  • Go to: Maria Elisa Christie's webpage
  • Watch "Kenya's Female Farmers," a narrated slideshow produced by The World Bank that clearly presents examples of the challenges women face in agriculture in developing countries.


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