The Office of the Dean thanks the Disability Alliance and Caucus for creating its Pandemic Recommendations document for Virginia Tech’s Blackburg campus. Noting that the pandemic’s “harms are not distributed evenly” and that its effects traverse the physical, emotional, financial, and educational health of our community, the authors propose recommendations that promote equity and that address the specificity of our campus and its needs. As part of its broader commitment to equity and inclusion, the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences commits to addressing, upholding, and advancing the objectives outlined within this document.

You can read the Pandemic Recommendations here.

Members of the college’s leadership team responsible for specific aspects of these recommendations include:

  • Tom Ewing for graduate studies, teaching assistants, and research assistants;
  • Shaila Mehra for issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion;
  • Brian Shabanowitz for staff members, leave policy, and fiscal matter;
  • Debra Stoudt for academic policies and procedures; and
  • Daniel Thorp for undergraduate education and advising.

In Solidarity,

Laura Belmonte
Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences