Our Faculty

At the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, we have world-class faculty doing groundbreaking research in a variety of disciplines. Click on the tabs below for a list of the Department of Sociology's faculty members and their respective specialties.

Sociology Faculty


Onwubiko AgozinoProfessor
Violence; Community; Culture
agozino@vt.edu (540) 231-7699

Jacob ApkarianAssistant Professor
Organizations; Political Economy; Social Networks; Quantitative Methods
apkarian@vt.edu (540) 231-6074

Carol A. BaileyAssociate Professor
Qualitative Methodology, Evaluation Research
baileyc@vt.edu (540) 231-2247

David L. BrunsmaProfessor
Human Rights; Race and Ethnicity; Identity; Sociology of Culture; Critical Sociology
brunsmad@vt.edu (540) 231-8723

Toni Calasanti, Professor
Age; Gender; Inequality
toni@vt.edu (540) 231-8961

Sam CookAssociate Professor; Director of American Indian Studies
Collaborative Qualitative Research; Political Economy; Human Ecology
sacook2@vt.edu (540) 231-9596

Nick CopelandAssistant Professor
Political Imaginaries; Governance; Indigenous Politics; Guatemala
ncopel@vt.edu (540) 231-2768

Ted FullerProfessor
Demography; Mortality; Sociology of Health
ted.fuller@vt.edu (540) 231-8969

Laura Gillman, Professor
Theories of Identity and Identity Politics, including Intersectionality; Africana and Latina/o Diasporic Identities and Theories; Theories of Race and Racism, including Coloniality of Power; Feminist/Women of Color Epistemologies
lgillman@vt.edu (540) 231-7617

Ellington GravesAdvanced Instructor; Director of Africana Studies
Race; Identity; Inequality; Education
egraves@vt.edu (540) 231-7343


Anthony Kwame HarrisonAssociate Professor; Gloria D. Smith Professor of Africana Studies
Race; Popular Music Studies; Ethnography
kwame@vt.edu (540) 231-4519

James HawdonProfessor; Director of Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention
Crime and Deviance; Sociology of Drugs; Community Resiliency
hawdonj@vt.edu (540) 231-7476

Michael HughesProfessor
Mental Health; Racial Inequality; Culture
mdh@vt.edu (540) 231-8967

Jill KiecoltProfessor
Race and Mental Health; Social Psychology; Biosociology
kiecolt@vt.edu (540) 231-8973

Neal KingProfessor, Director of Graduate Studies
Culture; Inequality; Masculinity
nmking@vt.edu (540) 231-8174

Christine LabuskiAssistant Professor
Gender; Sexualities; Bodies; Science; Culture
chrislab@vt.edu (540) 231-3860

Ali Colleen NeffVisiting Assistant Professor
Youth Cultures in the Global South; Anthropology of Media; Digital Globalization; Black Aesthetics; Feminist Methods
alineff@vt.edu (540) 231-4445

Sarah M. OvinkAssistant Professor
Education; Race/Ethnicity; Gender; Immigration; Diversity
sovink@vt.edu (540) 231-2481

Anthony PegueroAssociate Professor
Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice; Race; Ethnicity; Immigration; Youth and Adolescence; Schools and Education
anthony.peguero@vt.edu 540-231-2549

Paulo PolanahAssociate Professor
African & Western Metaphysics; Globalization and African Traditional Knowledges; Critique of Development and Aid Industries
ppolanah@vt.edu (540) 231-5650

Katrina M. PowellAssociate Professor; Director of Women's and Gender Studies
Displacement Narrative; Identity; Autobiography; Feminist Research Methodologies
kmpowell@vt.edu (540) 231-5932

Karl PrecodaAdvanced Instructor
Cinema History; Critical Theory; Culture Industry; Dramaturgy
karlp@vt.edu (540) 231-9740


Wornie ReedProfessor; Director of Race and Social Policy Research Center
Race and Criminal Justice; Health and Medical Care Disparities; Labor Poisoning and Violence
wornie@vt.edu (540) 231-3496

Petra R. Rivera-RideauAssistant Professor
Race and Ethnicity; Latin America and the Caribbean; Diaspora Studies; Popular Culture
petrarr@vt.edu (540) 231-5651

Suchitra SamantaAssistant Professor
Gender; Education; Asian America; Muslim Women and Literacy; Biographical Writing
ssamanta@vt.edu (540) 231-7528

Donna SedgwickInstructor; Career Advisor and Internship Director
Collaborative Management; Public-Public Collaboration; Public Preschool Policy; Evaluation Research
sedgwick@vt.edu (540)231-8965

Paula SeniorsAssociate Professor
Comparative U.S. History; Race and Theater, Film, and Dance; Race and Radical Political Movements
pseniors@vt.edu (540) 231-7205

Manisha SharmaFaculty Affiliate
Female Feticide; Interdisciplinary Research Methodologies; India; Creative writing

Donald ShoemakerProfessor
Crime and Delinquency; Juvenile Justice; Tragedies and Disasters
shoemake@vt.edu (540) 231-6046

Barbara Ellen SmithProfessor
Neoliberal Globalization and Labor; Appalachia and the U.S. South; Theories of Place and Space; Social Justice Activism
smithbe@vt.edu (540) 231-8189

Anastasia Vogt YuanAssociate Professor
Mental and Physical Health; Adolescence and the Life Course; Family and Social Relationships; Substance Use and Abuse; Body Image and Adolescent Well-Being; Life Satisfaction and Quality of Life
avy@vt.edu (540) 231-5641

Dale WimberleyAssociate Professor
Critical Global Political Economy; Social Movements; Social Inequality; Basic Human Needs and the Quality of Life
dale.wimberley@vt.edu (540) 231-8960

Haiyan ZhuAssistant Professor
Health and Aging, Family, Quantitative Methods
zhuh09@vt.edu (540) 231-9641