Our Faculty

At the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, we have world-class faculty doing groundbreaking research in a variety of disciplines. Click on the tabs below for a list of the Department of Sociology's faculty members and their respective specialties.

Sociology Faculty


Onwubiko Agozino Professor 562 McBryde Hall
540-231-7699 agozino@vt.edu
Jacob Apkarian Assistant Professor 631 McBryde Hall
540-231-6074 apkarian@vt.edu
Carol A. Bailey Associate Professor 674 McBryde Hall
540-231-2247 baileyc@vt.edu
David L. Brunsma Professor 654 McBryde Hall
540-231-8723 brunsmad@vt.edu
Toni Calasanti Professor 648 McBryde Hall
540-231-8961 toni@vt.edu
Sam Cook Associate Professor 644 McBryde Hall
540-231-9596 sacook2@vt.edu
Nick Copeland Assistant Professor 524 McBryde Hall
540-231-2768 ncopel@vt.edu
Ted Fuller Professor 656 McBryde Hall
540-231-8969 ted.fuller@vt.edu
Laura Gillman Professor 508 McBryde Hall
 540-231-7617 lgillman@vt.edu
Ellington Graves Advanced Instructor 508 McBryde Hall
540-231-7343 egraves@vt.edu


Anthony Kwame Harrison Associate Professor 678 McBryde Hall 540-231-4519 kwame@vt.edu
James Hawdon Professor 205A Norris Hall 540-231-7476 hawdonj@vt.edu
Michael Hughes Professor 652 McBryde Hall 540-231-8967 mdh@vt.edu
Jill Kiecolt Professor 668 McBryde Hall 540-231-8973 kiecolt@vt.edu
Neal King Professor 642 McBryde Hall 540-231-8174 nmking@vt.edu
Christine Labuski Assistant Professor 518 McBryde Hall 540-231-3860 chrislab@vt.edu
Ali Colleen Neff Visiting Assistant Professor   540-231-4445 alineff@vt.edu
Sarah M. Ovink Assistant Professor 504 McBryde Hall 540-231-2481 sovink@vt.edu
Anthony Peguero Associate Professor 506 McBryde Hall 540-231-2549 anthony.peguero@vt.edu
Paulo Polanah Associate Professor 670 McBryde Hall 540-231-5650 ppolanah@vt.edu
Katrina M. Powell Associate Professor 507 McBryde Hall 540-231-5932 kmpowell@vt.edu
Karl Precoda Advanced Instructor 207 Performing Arts 540-231-9740 karlp@vt.edu


Wornie Reed Professor 564 McBryde Hall 540-231-3496 wornie@vt.edu
Petra R. Rivera-Rideau Assistant Professor 676 McBryde Hall 540-231-5651 petrarr@vt.edu
John Ryan Professor 560 McBryde Hall 540-231-9396 johnryan@vt.edu
Suchitra Samanta Assistant Professor 546 McBryde Hall 540-231-7528 ssamanta@vt.edu
Donna Sedgwick Instructor 649 McBryde Hall 540-231-8965 sedgwick@vt.edu
Paula Seniors Associate Professor 672 McBryde Hall 540-231-7205 pseniors@vt.edu
Manisha Sharma Faculty Affiliate 521 McBryde Hall 540-231-8839 maneesha@vt.edu
Donald Shoemaker Professor 512 McBryde Hall 540-231-6046 shoemake@vt.edu
Barbara Ellen Smith Professor 522 McBryde Hall 540-231-8189 smithbe@vt.edu
Anastasia Vogt Yuan Associate Professor 646 McBryde Hall 540-231-5641 avy@vt.edu
Dale Wimberley Associate Professor 640 McBryde Hall 540-231-8960 dale.wimberley@vt.edu
Haiyan Zhu Assistant Professor 650 McBryde Hall 540-231-9641 zhuh09@vt.edu