Academic Advisors

Classics – Andrew Becker

Communication Studies – Kim Higgs

Consumer Studies – Irene Leech

Criminology - Brenda Husser 

English –Laura Ferguson

Family and Consumer Sciences- Julia Beamish

Fashion Merchandising and Design – Doris Kincade

French – Fabrice Teulon

German – Esther Bauer

History – Heather Gumbert

Human Development – Kathy Surface

Humanities, Science, and the Environment – Carol Sue Slusser

International Studies (Sophomore, Junior, Senior) – Phoebe Peterson

Multimedia Journalism  – Kim Higgs 

Music – Tammy Hendersen

Philosophy – Joe Pitt

Political Science – Courtney Thomas

Property Management – Rosemary Goss

Public Relations – Kim Higgs

Religion and Culture – Brian Britt

Residential Environments and Design- Kathleen Parrott

Russian – Nyusya Milman-Miller

Sociology – Brenda Husser

Spanish – Aarnes Gudmestad

Theatre and Cinema – Patsy Lavender

Pre-Professional Advisors

Pre-Law Advising

Pre-Health Advising

Pre-Education Advising

Honors Advisors

Classics – Andrew Becker

Communication Studies – Jim Kuypers

Consumer Studies – Irene Leech

English –Laura Ferguson

Fashion Merchandising and Design – Doris Kincade

French – Fabrice Teulon

German – Debra Stoudt

History – Amy Nelson

Human Development – Fred Piercy

Humanities, Science and Environment – Eileen Crist Patzig

International Studies – Phoebe Peterson


Multimedia Journalism -  Jim Kuypers

Music – Tammy Hendersen  

Philosophy – Joe Pitt

Political Science – Charles Taylor

Property Management – Rosemary Goss

Public Relations - Jim Kuypers

Religion and Culture – Brian Britt

Russian – Nyusya Milman-Miller

Sociology – Anthony Peguero

Spanish – Aarnes Gudmestad

Theatre and Cinema – Greg Justice

“Balancing the cadet lifestyle with academics can make for a busy schedule. Thanks to the support of our college’s amazing advisors and faculty, I find each step attainable.”

—Quinton Cookis ’18, History



What Our Advisors Are Saying...

“Advising matters! Academic advising is a collaborative relationship that guides students along their educational pathways, preparing them to be engaged, lifelong learners in our global society.”

—Dr. Karen Watson, Director of Academic Support 

What Our Students Are Saying...

“My academic advisors have ensured that my education is tailored to my needs and interests. Through individualized attention they use the curriculum as a guide rather than a strict code.”

—Deonte Easter ’18, International Studies